<![CDATA[HELLO ENGLISH! - Hello Blog!]]>Tue, 07 Apr 2020 00:22:50 +0200Weebly<![CDATA[Ready, Steady..... GO!]]>Thu, 08 Sep 2016 22:58:59 GMThttp://helloenglish.it/hello-blog/september-09th-2016Learning (and teaching) English can be fun. It can also be very frightening, addictive, frustrating and enthralling...
We're at the start of the new academic year 2016/2017, the second year of the Hello English! school. Mistakes have been made. Lessons learned. Now is the time to look ahead, to the next play we'll stage, to what we're going to cook, what craft we can learn, and what sports. This is no ordinary school. This is English in diretta.

Come and join us.]]>
<![CDATA[What..... no book?]]>Fri, 22 Jan 2016 23:00:45 GMThttp://helloenglish.it/hello-blog/what-no-bookSo what do you do when you've just had enough of English text books?
Go book-free! Book-less! Look, no books!
Conversation. Context. Current affairs. Computer. Cup of tea chat.
Not the usual English.....
<![CDATA[Bye bye Bowie]]>Mon, 11 Jan 2016 21:24:42 GMThttp://helloenglish.it/hello-blog/bye-bye-bowie
Let's Dance.... Absolute beginners...... China girl.... We could be heroes.... Blue Jean....
Bye bye Bowie. Legend. His widow tweeted, "The struggle is real, but so is God." Amen!
<![CDATA[Brrrrrrr!!!]]>Mon, 23 Nov 2015 21:17:03 GMThttp://helloenglish.it/hello-blog/brrrrrrrThe weather has turned cold! Finally! But last Thursday I braved that cold to see Madonna in concert. What a talented woman! She says she's Italian. I'm not so sure, but she did speak a bit of Italian and made the crowd go crazy. But even when she spoke English the crowd responded. There's nothing like making that effort to interact with people, speaking their language. If Madonna can do it, so can you!!]]><![CDATA[Grrrrrrrr!]]>Thu, 05 Nov 2015 13:55:21 GMThttp://helloenglish.it/hello-blog/grrrrrrrrMy poor students! When I tell them "talk" is pronounced tok they don't believe me. Then I make them close their books. Then I make them use their dictionaries. Then I make them memorise, and repeat over and over and OVER again........ I think there's a proverb: Patience is a bitter plant, but its fruit is sweet. Let's keep on going......]]><![CDATA[Hello Adele!]]>Fri, 23 Oct 2015 10:58:49 GMThttp://helloenglish.it/hello-blog/hello-adeleJust heard Adele's new song is called Hello. Excellent!! Gotta do a search of all the cool songs out there with hello in them, or in their titles....]]><![CDATA[Answer or anser?]]>Wed, 21 Oct 2015 20:20:30 GMThttp://helloenglish.it/hello-blog/answer-or-anserI always tell students that English spelling is crazy. Like it's there to get them saying sounds that shouldn't be there! Why is "answer" with a w? Or "write" for that matter? Why "listen" with a t? Why "walk" with the letter L? The fun starts when my students look at me with pure disbelief when I tell them the correct pronunciation. Some even refuse to believe me! I'm only pulling their leg, or so they think. What a wonderful crazy language English is!]]><![CDATA[Foundations]]>Thu, 08 Oct 2015 20:43:33 GMThttp://helloenglish.it/hello-blog/foundationsFoundations. You don't see them, but you need them. They might even be the most important part of the house. But not the most glamorous, that's for sure. If someone learns a language, and goes far with it, but still continues to make the most basic mistakes, it doesn't really matter what English books they're able to show you they've covered. That's why the verb "to be" and the English alphabet are part of the foundations, and are always useful. Always. Right from the start, until the highest level. Let's start well. Foundations. Let's continue well......]]><![CDATA[Via!!!!]]>Mon, 28 Sep 2015 20:06:03 GMThttp://helloenglish.it/hello-blog/viaFirst day of lessons today. Both groups went well. A good start! I need to make some changes to the website so I can add audio to it, but hopefully it'll be up and running soon.]]><![CDATA[Pronti?...]]>Fri, 25 Sep 2015 21:06:46 GMThttp://helloenglish.it/hello-blog/prontiStarted my day in Cuorgné Town Hall today! I got the permit from the traffic police to give out flyers outside the different schools. Enjoyed seeing the kids and chatting to some of them and their parents or grandparents. 
This afternoon got a new student. Hope to start a new beginners' group with her in the evening. Interested?
So Monday are the first lessons. And I'm really excited. I've got the room, the chairs, the books, the ideas.... 
Now all that's missing are the students! ]]>